We’re kind of PR nerds – but instead of books, our noses are buried in magazines, newspapers and pressed to the screens of our iPads. We follow the issues important to the industries we work in and we are in regular contact with the journalists and influencers who are critical to our clients’  campaigns. As a result, we are able to offer an informed, responsive and tailored service.

The two founding directors of Square One, Katie Wilke and Sarah O’Brien, began their careers as journalists and this means they understand what the media is looking for and have a strong sense of what newsworthy elements will make a PR Campaign shine.

Square One has been loving PR for more than 15 years and is now a small but passionate team including 2 x directors assisted by a network of freelancers and active journalists. Our journalist advisers currently work in active media roles – this enables us to continually sound board ideas with people who intimately know all of the inside influences that can affect the placement of a story. We’ve intentionally kept our team tight, choosing can-doers over so-soers to create a strong team with a range of strengths, personalities and backgrounds. When we all put our heads together, great things happen.


Katie_circleKatie – Director & Head of Property, Transport & Business
Katie has been designing & delivering PR strategies for a range of clients for the past 12 years and has extensive experience in creating content that has maximum media impact and audience resonance. She seeks out every angle, considers every possibility and carefully analyses campaign actions and messaging. She’s awesome under pressure and handles crisis PR with skill and confidence. #PRguru


sarah circleSarah – Director & Head of Health, Lifestyle & Finance
Sarah started her career as a general news journalist before progressing to working as a feature writer in a glossy newspaper lift-out. Working in PR for over 15 years, Sarah has experience across both trade and consumer accounts. She is also an event extraordinaire and has managed PR stunts of various proportions.



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