Start here. You’ll never look back.

This is Square One. We’re storytellers and message makers. 

Every business has a story.

What’s yours? Is it being heard? And by the right people?

The right story in the right place is powerful. It’s the foundation of any great business. It’s your square one.

You telling your story is one thing. That’s advertising. Having someone else tell your story on your behalf is even better – it’s more credible and believable because it’s not just you tooting your own horn. That’s PR.

Good stories will resonate with consumers, build customer loyalty, grow your credibility, install confidence in buyers and keep your brand front and centre in the minds of people who are trying to make a choice – whether that’s choosing a handbag, where to take their next holiday, a new accountant or a new home. And to be frank, if you don’t get out there and tell stories – you’re leaving the space wide open for your competitors to do it instead.


I am always impressed with their energy and enthusiasm. We now have a consistent, planned media strategy to educate our markets about the benefits of using our services.

David Cordover, former Chess Champion, Kids Unlimited Director

I have worked with Sarah and the Square One PR team for over 6 years and each campaign they continually exceed my expectations with the results they achieve.  Whether it is securing coverage across major TV news stations, morning TV, radio channels and major newspapers or coming up with out-of-the box ideas for media stunts, their results have been amazing.  Sarah is one of the most dedicated, hard-working PR consultants I have ever worked with and an absolute pleasure to deal with.    

Rachel Madden, Senior Marketing Manager, Fitness & Health Expo

Square One PR has done an exceptional job raising our company profile in new markets, undoubtedly contributing to our success in new regions. The Square One PR team is always available. I take comfort in knowing I have someone who will respond when a media enquiry comes in on a Sunday. They have an impressive knowledge of our business, which is essential in selling our services.  They have a unique ability to hit all of the key messages in the first draft.

Clint Feuerherdt, CEO – Transit Systems

Most PRs send emails out in a scattergun approach. They have a scant understanding of what the publications they’re approaching need, they have little understanding of individual journalists’ expertise and they seem bewildered to discover that we’re not much interested in all sharing the same story. That’s not true of Square One PR.

Beverley Hadgraft, Freelance Health Journalist

I have always found Square One engaging and very professional. They are quick to respond to media requests for information whether it be data or quotes. Importantly, they understand the time pressures journalists are under and will respond accordingly. I thoroughly recommend them as public relations consultants.

Andrew Brasier, Property Writer, former Property Editor Herald Sun Home Magazine