The Challenge:
After supporting the Good Friday Appeal for the Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital for 24 years with little to no dedicated media coverage, Henley wanted to raise awareness of their contribution to the appeal; not for their own sake, but to ensure maximum money was raised at the Charity auction, with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the appeal. They also wanted to support and recognise trades and suppliers for their generosity and commitment in building the house each year.

Square One PR was charged with the task of sensitively managing the challenge, bearing in mind that this was not a commercial interest activation. The goal was to raise awareness of the auction itself, by profiling the home, its features and the quality invested into the home by the 400+ network of trades and suppliers. To do this, we developed a PR campaign that involved all suppliers, using a dedicated media brief to extract key, media-worthy information, using it to pitch local media news stories. We were also able to secure feature pictorial news and editorial opportunities, leveraging design, style and industry insights to source and secure specialty media coverage. The campaign incorporated coverage of key milestones, including the last trades on site, open for inspection weekends and it stepped up again the week prior to the auction, with an offsite community activation to secure last minute mainstream coverage to attract as many people to the auction as possible. We also secured traditional real estate coverage.

Over the dedicated three months strategy for Henley’s GFA campaign, Square One PR achieved in excess of $320,000 worth of editorial, with over 22 pieces of coverage, including an online readership in excess of 47,000,000 and 370K+ audience views of print coverage. The campaign had traditionally secured partnership coverage through Herald Sun and Channel Seven, but the 2017 campaign included long lead editorial features across new avenues in design, real estate, local news, and property media including Interior’s Addict, The Age Domain,, 3AW, JoyFM, Sky Property News, Home Beautiful and Kidspot (just to name a few!), additional coverage on TV news and across Herald Sun (syndicated nationally) and diary date listings including Weekend Notes and EventFinda.

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