The Challenge

Transit Systems, an international transport provider, want to increase their profile across Australia and within key target areas and business regions, to strengthen their presence, grow the business and assist in winning major transport tenders.


This ongoing PR campaign has both proactive and reactive elements. Proactively, Square One positions Transit as a key expert in transport services in Australia and internationally, putting the directors forward for interviews with key transport writers for major newspapers, business publication and industry trade media. Strategies align with business objectives and activities including bids, transition periods (when a new contract is secured) and expansion.

Square One is also very quick to re-act to media enquiries associated with service and timetable issues, preparing responses and updates that ensure the media have what they need and the community is informed.


To date, the Transit Systems campaign has worked insync with business and marketing objectives to achieve positive results with media coverage across a broad range of titles and programs including a huge range of newspapers, industry magazines and broadcast media.