The Challenge:
Zumba Fitness, as an established brand in Australia and New Zealand, needed to create a PR strategy to keep the brand fresh within existing markets and appeal to new markets. Fitness is a competitive industry with many trends that come and go, and longevity is difficult to maintain when each year sees new innovations and developments to appeal to the often fickle exercise market. Zumba’s primary goal was to get new people along to classes, though their DVDs and fitness wear were also a factor in the PR campaign.


PR success for Zumba Fitness in Australia & New Zealand was achieved through innovation, community integration and alliances with key brands and events that assist to reach desired markets. The strategy included:

    • Releasing quirky facts and figures about the brand/participants
    • Trade media stories to encourage fitness professionals to become instructors or encourage clients to take 
part in Zumba classes
    • Tips and advice from local country-based senior instructors (Zumba Education Specialists) enabling access 
to different media including women’s health, men’s health and business/corporate
    • Identifying and commenting on trends and hot topics, such as ‘sitting disease’
    • Interesting stories about instructors and class participants (eg. Significant weight loss, major health 
recoveries, quirky situations – banker by day, Zumba instructor by night etc) allowing access to different 
types of relevant media including parenting, seniors, general fitness/health and children/education.
    • Regular supply of quality images & organising products for photo shoots, giveaways etc
    • Quick responses to callouts from health editors
    • Involvement in events/integration with brands for public exposure and media coverage eg. Warm-up class 
for Variety charity Santa Runs nationally and Dame Edna celebration of 15kg weight loss with Jenny Craig
    • Localising international Zumba charity events to get local media coverage
    • Celebrity reach-out

Square One has also secured and coordinated significant media opportunities including:

  • Journalist travel to Florida to witness the annual Zumba Instructor Convention, resulting in significant TV coverage in both Australia and NZ
  • Coordination of a trip to the outback for the creator of Zumba as part of research and development of a 
new product. Square One organised a range of opportunities including visiting a local Aboriginal children’s drum group and permission for the creator to take part in an Aboriginal ceremony and dance event (very rare opportunity). One of Australia’s top health writers accompanied the crew on the trip.

The PR Campaign for Zumba Fitness in both Australia and New Zealand was a huge success. In one year only, 107 significant, quality media ‘hits’ were secured valued at more than $1.3 million dollars and reaching in excess of 11.3 million people