“You are doing great things for croquet across Victoria. You are a star Sarah and a bright shining one at that. We have loved working with you.”
– Helen Worladge, Croquet Victoria

The client:

Croquet Victoria is the state sporting association responsible for croquet across Victoria and Southern New South Wales and in 2017, Melbourne was awarded the opportunity to host the World Croquet Championships, with over 80 players from 14 countries converging in Melbourne to take part. They were given funding by the government to conduct a PR campaign leading up to the event, to promote both the event and help raise the profile of croquet in Australia.

What was involved/The challenges:

  • This was the first time that Croquet Victoria had engaged in a PR campaign/with a PR agency and so there was an educational component to this campaign with all stakeholders, of which there were many. Stakeholders included: individual club managers across Victoria, the local Worlds committee, Croquet Vic management and managers of the World Federation.
  • There was a stigma associated with croquet that it was an ‘old people’s’ sport and we sought to break this. We did this in numerous ways including profiling young players, holding hip croquet events for influencers and media and targeting youthful media and organisations including kids publications, universities and general lifestyle media.
  • Drawing out lots of interesting content including: profiling interesting players, finding quirky facts about croquet, looking at the history of croquet.


    Total media hits: 53 Total reach: 30 mil+
    Highlight placements included:

  • A double page feature story in the Life & Leisure lift out of the Australian Financial Review, including interviews with three Australian players.
  • A story on the Championships (and some of the young teenage players) in the Kid’s section of the Herald Sun
  • A major competition (1/3 page) in the Sports section of the Herald Sun
  • Regional TV news coverage of the championships (WIN TV)
  • An 11-minute interview with a local senior player on ABC Melbourne 774 Radio.
  • A double page spread in RACV Road Ahead Magazine – Australia’s highest circulating magazine with 1 million+ readers.
  • Square One PR also connected with the University of Melbourne and organised for croquet to be part of their SummerFest Orientation event at no cost. Croquet Victoria was permitted to set-up a croquet court so students could have a hit. Croquet Victoria was also able to distribute promotional material.
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