The Challenge

The Fitness & Health Expo is the largest event of its kind in the Southern hemisphere and travels to the major cities of Australia each year. The Expo faces off against competing events in the fitness space and appeals to quite a broad range of markets including gym owners, general trade (eg. personal trainers), vertical markets (such as council facilities, schools, sporting clubs and retail) and everyday gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts. .


The PR strategy for the Fitness & Health Expo involves defining each market and their associated motivations/drivers and then designing clear messaging for each one. We are then able to create tailored stories and PR opportunities for specialty media that can reach each of these markets, from weightlifting magazines to business publications.

Content used includes:

  • New products that will be launching at the Expo, pitched accordingly to trade/consumer publications
  • Creating content and feature stories from celebrities and experts taking part in the Expo
  • Conducting research (including design of an annual survey) through the Expo’s database and releasing newsworthy results
  • Creating timely angles that appeal to different target markets and tapping into exhibitors for expert comments
  • Identifying and negotiating opportunities for giveaways of tickets and exhibitor products

Square One is responsible for creating a launch event each year to create noise and appeal to general consumers in the days before the Expo opens. Last year, this involved attention-grabbing events in multiple cities including a World Record Attempt with Michelle Bridges at Bondi Beach in Sydney and Western Australia’s Strongest Man pulling a local bus in Perth.

Square One is also a strong support for the Expo’s social media team, feeding through interesting stories, products, celebrity tips and other content to keep social media material interesting, relevant and strong.


In 2015, Square One achieved 400 media clips reaching and audience of over 32 million. Square One is working with the Expo again in 2016 for the sixth year running.