The client:

The Fitness Show is the largest event of its kind in the southern hemisphere with 29,000+ visitors and 300+ exhibitors on show at three capital cities each year (usually Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane – but occasionally we’ve done Perth and Adelaide as well). We’ve worked on this Show for 8 years now.

What’s involved/The challenges:

  • There are quite a broad range of markets that the PR campaign has to target including trade (gym owners, personal trainers etc), vertical markets (such as council facilities, schools, sporting clubs and retail) and also consumers. This requires us to generate different types of ideas and content that will appeal to the different markets and modify key messaging and content accordingly.
  • The Show faces off against competing events in each state, which means we have to be super creative in gaining media attention for the Show – and we usually do this by leveraging key talent/guest speakers and often create low-budget, high-media-appeal stunts immediately prior to the Show to draw media attention. Over the years these stunts have included – converting a massive barge into a floating fitness studio and sending it down the Brisbane River, attempting a world record for the most people taking part in a fit ball class with Michelle Bridges on Bondi Beach, getting a professional ‘strong man’ to pull a double decker red bus (full of Zumba instructors!) in Melbourne, converting a Melbourne Restaurant Tram into a ‘healthy breakfast tram’ for a morning. These stunts always successfully attract major newspapers, TV news and live morning show crosses.
  • The other challenge is that, at face value, no media are interested in an ‘expo’. So we have to dive deep into the detail of the Show, the stories behind the exhibitors and the knowledge of key talent to create interesting story pitches the media will like. We make direct contact with hundreds of exhibitors and talent managers to tease out these stories. The things we leverage include:
  • New/interesting products and services that will be launching at the Fitness Show
  • Creating content and feature stories with celebrities and experts taking part in the Show
  • Conducting research (including design of the survey) through the Show’s database and releasing newsworthy results
  • Creating timely angles that appeal to different target markets and tapping into exhibitors, talent and the Show Director for expert comments
  • Identifying and negotiating opportunities for giveaways (show tickets and exhibitor products).


    Looking back at 2018, the results were as follows:

    Total media hits: 53

    Total PR value: $678,100
    Total reach: 4,399,400

    Total media hits: 72

    Total PR value: $1, 029,000
    Total reach: 16, 328, 231

    Total media hits: 104

    Total PR value: $2,168,500
    Total circulation: 22,202,049

    Key media placements included:
    Sunrise live crosses
    Today Show live crosses
    In-studio appearances for The Morning Show and Studio Ten
    Herald Sun
    Courier Mail
    Daily Telegraph
    Ch7 TV news